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Kings' sagas

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Title: Kings' sagas  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Heimskringla, Eric Haakonsson, Battle of Svolder, Eric Bloodaxe, Magnus VI of Norway
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Kings' sagas

Kings' Sagas (Norwegian: Kongesagaer) are Old Norse sagas which principally tell of the lives of historic Norwegian kings. They were composed during the 12th to 14th centuries in Iceland and Norway.[1][2][3]

Norges Kongesagaer Edited by Gustav Storm and Alexander Bugge Illustrated by Gerhard Munthe (1914)


  • List of Kings' Sagas 1
  • Sometimes counted among the Kings' Sagas 2
  • Primary Sources 3
  • References 4
  • Other Sources 5
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List of Kings' Sagas

Included works in Latin, in approximate order of composition (many dates could be off by decades)

Sometimes counted among the Kings' Sagas

Primary Sources

In Norwegian

  • Munch, Peter Andreas; Þórðarson, Sturla Norges Konge-Sagaer Fra De Aeldste Tider Indtil Anden Halvdeel Af De 13 De Århundrede Efter Christi Fødsel (Nabu Press. 2010 ) ISBN 978-1142083908


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Other Sources

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External Links

  • Old Norse Sagas
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