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1922 in the United Kingdom

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Title: 1922 in the United Kingdom  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: 1922 in the United Kingdom, 1924 in the United Kingdom, 1923 in the United Kingdom, 1921 in the United Kingdom, 1920 in the United Kingdom
Collection: 1922 in Europe, 1922 in the United Kingdom
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

1922 in the United Kingdom

1922 in the United Kingdom:
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Individual countries of the United Kingdom
England | Ireland | Scotland | Wales
King George V, 1923

The social and political problems of most prominence in the David Lloyd George until the last quarter of the year, when the internal dissensions of many months reached a bursting-point, and the coalition collapsed.

Irish affairs occupied an important place in politics throughout the year. 1922 saw the establishment of the Irish Free State in the south and west of the island.


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