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List of birds of New Zealand

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Title: List of birds of New Zealand  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Waitaha penguin, Birds of New Zealand, Outline of New Zealand, Lists of birds by region, List of birds of Australia
Collection: Birds of New Zealand, Lists of Biota of New Zealand, Lists of Birds by Country
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of birds of New Zealand

In this list of New Zealand birds, Māori names (where known) are given first, followed by English alternatives. In some cases (tui, kākā, weka, pūkeko, moa, kiwi, kea, kōkako, takahē) the Māori name is the common name. In other cases (fantail, albatross, black-backed gull, bellbird, morepork, dotterel, wax-eye, oystercatcher) the English name is most commonly used.

The species and subspecies marked extinct became extinct subsequent to humans' arrival in New Zealand. About two thirds of the extinctions occurred after the arrival of Māori but before the arrival of Pākehā and the rest since Pākehā arrived.

In June 2010 the 4th Edition of the Checklist of the birds of New Zealand and the Ross Dependency, Antarctica was published by Te Papa Press, in association with the Ornithological Society of New Zealand.


  • Sphenisciformes 1
  • Procellariiformes 2
  • Pelecaniformes 3
  • Anseriformes 4
  • Gruiformes 5
  • Galliformes 6
  • Charadriiformes 7
  • Columbiformes 8
  • Podicipediformes 9
  • Falconiformes 10
  • Strigiformes 11
  • Caprimulgiformes 12
  • Apodiformes 13
  • Cuculiformes 14
  • Psittaciformes 15
  • Passeriformes 16
  • Struthioniformes 17
  • See also 18
  • References 19
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See also


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