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A Cultural Paradox: Fun in Mathematics

By Jeffrey A. Zilahy

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Reproduction Date: 7/11/2010

Title: A Cultural Paradox: Fun in Mathematics  
Author: Jeffrey A. Zilahy
Volume: 1
Language: English
Subject: Non Fiction, Science, Recreational Mathematics
Collections: Math, Authors Community, Statistics, Finance, Social Sciences
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Publisher: J 2 the Z Publishing
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Zilahy, J. A. (2010). A Cultural Paradox: Fun in Mathematics. Retrieved from

Do you think "math = awesome" is a true statement? After reading this book, you might change your answer to a yes. With "jargon avoidance" in mind, this recreational math book gives you the lowdown on why math is fun, interesting and relevant in today's society. Intended for anyone who is curious about math and where it is circa 2010. This book is less concerned with exploring the mathematical details than it is with exploring the overall impact of various discoveries and insights, and aims to be insightful, cutting edge-y and mathematically rigorous.

Table of Contents
Book Directory: 1. Introduction 2. Picking a Winner is as Easy as 1, 2, 3. 3. That's my Birthday! 4. Sizing up Infinity 5. I am a Liar 6. Gratuitous Mathematical Hype 7. LOL Math, Math LOL 8. In Addition to High School Geometry 9. Abstraction is for the Birds 10. NKS: Anti-Establishment as Establishment 11. 42% of Statistics are Made up 12. Undercover Mathematicians 13. I Will Never Use This 14. Gaussian Copula: $ Implications 15. A Proven Savant 16. History of the TOE and E8 17. One Heck of a Ratio 18. A Real Mathematical Hero 19. Casinos Heart Math 20. The Man who was Sure About Uncertainty 21. We Eat This Stuff Up 22. Do I Have a Question for you! 23. When Nothing is Something 24. Think Binary 25. Your Order Will Take Forever 26. When you Need Randomness in Life 27. e=mc^2 Redux 28. Quipu to Mathematica 29. Through the Eyes of Escher 30. Origami is Realized Geometry 31. Quantifying the Physical 32. Geometric Progression Sure Adds up 33. Nature = a + bi and Other Infinite Details 34. Mundane Implications of Time Dilation 35. Watch = Temporal Dimension Gauge 36. Modern Syntax Paradigms 37. Awesome Numb3rs 38. Some Sampling of Math Symbols 39. Computation of Consciousness 40. Auto-Didactic Ivy Leaguers 41. Zeno's Paradox in Time and Space 42. Needn't say Anymore 43. You can see the Past as it Were 44. Music: A Beautiful Triangulation 45. Mobius Strip: Assembly Required 46. e^(i*Pi) + 1 = 0 is Heavy Duty 47. Choice Words 48. Latest in Building Marvels 49. Your Eyes do not Tell the Whole Story 50. Internet Cred Worth Paying Attention to 51. A.I. Inflection Point 52. I Know Kung Fu 53. More Incompleteness 54. Alpha Behavior 55. Off on a Tangent 56. Quick Stream of Consciousness 57. This is Q.E.D. Acknowledgements Index


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