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Essentials vs Non-Essentials in the Christian Life : Flexibility vs Inflexibility for the Christian: Flexibility vs Inflexibility for the Christian

By Ferraro, Frank, P, Dr.

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Title: Essentials vs Non-Essentials in the Christian Life : Flexibility vs Inflexibility for the Christian: Flexibility vs Inflexibility for the Christian  
Author: Ferraro, Frank, P, Dr.
Language: English
Subject: Non Fiction, Religion, Christian Life Essentials & How to be Flexible
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It is important for the Christian to know what is essential from God's Perspective and what he considers NON-Essential. It is also imperative to understand flexibility vs vacillation regarding Christianity and biblical truths. Discover the Essentials of the Christian Life, how to set them as your priorities and how to apply them to your life. This book provides examples of what is Essential and what is Non-Essential in life. For every individual the primary Essentials of life are found in the pertinent doctrines of the bible. For non-believers they include the Laws of Divine Establishment, Divine Institutions, and of course the Gospel of Christ. For the believer after Salvation prime Essentials are found in all the doctrines of the Bible.

A compilation of what is essential in Christianity and how to be flexible in the application to life vs what in life is considered Non-Essential

It is an Essential in the Christian Way of Life to develop Humility as a virtue in order to be teachable and to accumulate Bible Doctrine into the soul. Humility is developed in 3 categories under 3 systems: • Organizational Humility developed as a result of being in some organization or group beginning with the family unit. • Enforced Humility developed as a result of being under the authority of some other individual person or group or in an organization of some sort. • Genuine Humility developed as a result of proper function and orientation to both organizational and enforced humility and is almost completely dependent on self discipline. Enforced and Genuine Humility are seen as virtue when a person responds to authority and tries to do a good job even and especially when the authority over him is unfair. For the Christian this is the visible influence of invisible Metabolized Bible Doctrine in the Stream of Consciousness of the soul. This occurs for the believer with Positive Volition toward Bible Doctrine and for the unbeliever who functions under the doctrinal principles of the Laws of Divine Establishment and Divine Institutions. Vulnerability to distraction, failure, and ultimately focus on Non-Essentials in life can only be combated through Humility

Table of Contents
Dedication 10 Preface 11 Introduction to Flexibility and Essentials of the Christian Way of Life 13 Flexibility, Inflexibility, Essentials, Non-Essentials & the Christian Life 14 Flexibility, Common Sense in Non-Essentials 19 Primary Essential of Life 20 Essential Virgin Conception & Birth 22 Essentials of the Essence of God 25 Essential Logistical Grace 33 Essentials of Filling of God the Holy Spirit 34 Essential Perception & Metabolization of Bible Doctrine 37 Essentials for Flexible Application of Bible Doctrine 41 Essentials for Problem Solving 51 Essentials & Non-Essentials, Bible Doctrine & Tragic Flaws 52 Flexibility vs Inflexibility & Preconceived Standards & Prejudices 60 Essential & Non-Essentials of Norms & Standards 62 Essential & Non-Essentials in Observing a Day 71 Essential of Divine Viewpoint 72 Essential Privilege & Election & Logistical Support 76 Essentials of Maturity Adjustment to the Justice of God 78 Essentials of the Will of God for Divine Guidance 82 Essential Flexibility to Please God 84 Essentials & Glorification of God 85 Essentials of Flexibility & Inflexibility in the Spiritual Life. 86 Essentials of the Local Church 87 Essentials of the Spiritual Gifts 89 Essential Dogmatic Monologue in Teaching Bible Doctrine 90 Essentials of the Judgment Seat of Jesus Christ 90 Essential of Thinking in Prayer 93 Flexibility in Witnessing 95 Inflexibility toward Bible Doctrine & Giving 96 Essentials of Living in the Plan of God 97 Non-Essential Religion 102 Essentials & Flexibility toward Specifics vs Non-Specifics 102 Flexibility & Inflexibility & Security 102 Flexibility and Orientation to Reality 105 Flexibility Giving Strength 108 Flexibility, Inflexibility & Alertness 111 Essential Moral Courage 113 Essential of Historical Crises 121 Flexibility vs Inflexibility & The Crisis Personality: 123 Flexibility, Inflexibility, Essentials & Non-Essentials and FREEDOM 133 Essential of Authority Orientation 162 Essentials of Authority, Divine Institutions & Divine Establishment 171 Flexibility for Thoughtfulness 183 Essentials of Thinking & Capacity for Life 183 Inflexibility, Pseudo Intellectualism & Stupidity 184 Non-Essential Education 186 Non-Essential Equality 187 Flexibility & Inflexibility in Strong vs Weak Believers 192 Essentials for the Strong or Mature Believer 213 Essentials & Non-Essentials & Weak Believers 217 Flexibility and Emotion 220 Inflexibility & Self Pity 220 Flexibility, Strength, Missionaries & Esprit De Corps 221 Non-Essentials of Personal Opinion 227 Flexibility vs Inflexibility With Regard to Alcohol & Drugs 228 Essentials vs Non-Essentials & Love 229 Flexibility & Happiness 238 Flexibility, Inflexibility, Family & Societal Protocols 239 Essentials vs Non-Essentials of Government 241 Essential Thought & Client Nation Success 260 Flexibility vs Inflexibility and Liberalism 263 Essentials vs Non-Essentials Regarding Evil 264 Essentials & The Jew 272 Essentials vs Non-Essentials & The Mosaic Law 274 Flexibility, Inflexibility & DEATH 274 Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s 1978 Harvard Address 280 Passages: 292 Glossary 338


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