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Light Star : When all Else Fails, Part 4 of 4

By Kemp, Anthony, J

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Title: Light Star : When all Else Fails, Part 4 of 4  
Author: Kemp, Anthony, J
Volume: Volume Light Star Part 4 of 4
Language: English
Subject: Fiction, Drama and Literature, Science Fiction
Collections: Science Fiction, Authors Community
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Publisher: Tilly Twoshoes Publication
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In this section Part 4 we find the crew of Light Star beginning to discover that they are the only thing between the survival or destruction of an entire race of ancient peoples. An unarmed experimental craft facing a fleet of hostile ships and a doomsday bomb capable of destroying half of sector five if it is detonated.

“Light Star” is all to do with money and power, when the only interstellar servicing planet between the old empire and the new expanding frontier suddenly exploded, the economic collapse of the old empire was imminent.

Chapter 24 - - THE BEST LAID PLANS As Harris squeezed himself out of the docking chamber back into the main link passage of Light Star, he founded it rather crowded. Raftos and Venscottie were still standing there, confronted by a rather agitated Packet. "Am I glad you three are back,” started Packet. "It's Mick – I think he's on the verge of burnout. Since you went he has read all those papers you gave him and others he's asked me to get him. He's taking in sheets of data at a glance and writing lots of stuff – I have no idea what it's about. All the time, he's also been talking to this chap of yours, Venscottie, and seems to have learnt Arolloan as he’s doing it. It's not normal, he's only been drinking that sugary drink and eating fudge bars.” "OK calm down or you'll be doing the same,” said Raftos. "Where is Mick now?” "He's in the control room; he wanted the table to spread out all the papers," said Packet "Harris, you had better get down to him and see what the situation is,” said Raftos. "Will do, but you find Kimlon and tell him to bring two bowls of stew and some of that tea to the control room. Tea not as strong as he usually makes, but more like we had on Sillosees’ ship,” said Harris. "Kuu, can you contact this chap Frank, or whatever his name is, that Mick was talking to, without Mick knowing?” "That should not be a problem, why do you want me to?" said Venscottie. "I want a general round up of their conversation, and what he thinks of Mick and if there were any important conclusions reached in his mind which might have gone over Mick's head,” said Harris. "I think I understand what you mean,” said Venscottie. "Let's get to it,” said Raftos. "Kuu, you go with Packet. I'll make sure everyone keeps clear of the control room for the time being.” Harris made his way through the labyrinth of passages to the control room. Harris was surprised how quickly he had got to know his way around this strange ship. He casually strolled into the control room.

Table of Contents
Table of contents Index to Part 4 Chapter 24 - - THE BEST LAID PLANS Chapter 25 - - LITTLE FRIEND BAD EGG Chapter 26 - - DELIVERY OF STRANGE PACKET Chapter 27 - - REVIEWING THE SITUATION Chapter 28 - - GOOD PLAN DON'T YOU THINK Chapter 29 - - OLD SHIPS NEW MAPS Chapter 30 - - HAVE YOU SEEN MY BOMB Chapter 31 - - ZERO MINUS NINE SECONDS Chapter 32 - - AFTERMATH Chapter 33 - - VISITORS About the Author


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