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Light Star : When all Else Fails, Part 2 of 4

By Kemp, Anthony, J

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Title: Light Star : When all Else Fails, Part 2 of 4  
Author: Kemp, Anthony, J
Volume: Part 2 of 4
Language: English
Subject: Fiction, Drama and Literature, Science Fiction
Collections: Science Fiction, Authors Community, Most Popular Books in China, Favorites in India, Education
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Publisher: Tilly Twoshoes Publication
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In this section Part 2 we learn about the crew of Light Star and the mission they are on, as they begin to realise there is much more to the mission than they have been told. The unknown factor of what happened to the other crews and ships plays heavily on their minds. The danger is great but they all feel they must carry on with the unspoken part of the mission. They finally come to see the power of the machine that surrounds them.

“Light Star” is all to do with money and power, when the only interstellar servicing planet between the old empire and the new expanding frontier suddenly exploded, the economic collapse of the old empire was imminent.

Chapter 8 - - KIMLON'S STORY For the moment, Light Star did not seem to be in any danger. They were sitting in the middle of nowhere and their scanners had picked up no signs of any other ships in that area of space. After the pod had retracted Harris decided it was time to see Raftos and ask him some pertinent questions. Packet stayed in the communications room compiling the data they had gathered. Harris left and went in search of Raftos. After twenty minutes, Harris wished he had waited for Packet. Tramping up and down the connecting tubes, in and out of storage units and conditioning plants, Harris was completely lost. There seemed to be no logic behind the way the passages were laid out. After opening one hatch he found himself in part of the power coil rings. Trying to stop himself from screaming out loud Harris went down another passage and opened another hatch; the ship was not so very big, he thought. The hatch opened onto a large accommodation chamber, this room had gravity and a table in the centre. Sitting at the table were five people, and they all looked up as Harris entered. One of them was Kimlon. "If you're here,” said Kimlon. "You must be lost.” "I'm lost,” said Harris. "I had a feeling I was going to be wandering around these passages for ever. I normally have a very good sense of direction.” "The power rings upset your direction balance,” said Kimlon. "Have some tea.” Kimlon poured a hot liquid into what passed for a proper cup. It was Zilon, a very pleasant sweet tea made from Terfomoss. One of the other people at the table passed Harris a plate with a proper looking piece of cake on it. Harris looked around at the others sitting at the table. Kimlon apologised and introduced the other people, Meyat, Keso, Freerom, and Craso. Kimlon then pointed up at the wall where there were a series of bunks, and introduced three more people: Truman, Ottam and Predling, whom he had seen before. Kimlon explained that even a ship as small as Light Star needed a crew bigger than four; there were, in fact, fifteen people on board, the Captain, Raftos, the pilot, Micckleton Jones, scanning and communications man Packet Looms, the archivist Harris himself, and the rest were made up of crew members from Raftos's ship the Monitor. Kimlon explained that all the crew were from the Monitor were Timmeron, except for himself and Ottam, Harris had heard of the Timmeron but had never met any before. The Tremos system had been destroyed when their sun exploded, and the entire population took off into space and simply made it their home. They now account for sixty percent of all crews in all space ships now flying, and they very seldom give any trouble, unlike the Foyd.

Table of Contents
Index to Part 2 Chapter 8 - - KIMLON'S STORY Chapter 9 - - OLD SIGADON Chapter 10 - - THE GATE Chapter 11 - - CHASING LIGHT STAR Chapter 12 - - THE DISCOVERY Chapter 13 - - RESCUE Chapter 14 - - LOST SOULS, OLD FRIENDS Chapter 15 - - STAR KNIGHT’S TALE About the Author


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