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By Fourstone, VK

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Book Id: WPLBN0004450860
Format Type: PDF eBook:
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Reproduction Date: 5/16/2016

Title: Einsteiner  
Author: Fourstone, VK
Language: English
Subject: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure
Collections: Science Fiction, Authors Community, Management, Science, Economy, Most Popular Books in China
Publication Date:
Publisher: Self-published
Member Page: VK Fourstone


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What happens if the capacities of four scientists get downloaded into one computer? The joined brain will be able to solve the most complicated tasks at a high rate. And what if add the creative potential of a few hundred people more? The artificial intellect will not just memorize it all, but produce any kind of solution, putting it together like a jigsaw puzzle. The creator of the “Einsteiner” a bio-generated hardware, working on human creative energy, has disappeared, while the creativity has become the most valuable resource on earth. People willingly sell their potential for good money. As for a young talented engineer, Isaac Leroy, this by all means is the only way to get the sum needed for his sister’s surgery. However, incidentally, not only that he loses this chance, but also becomes a reckless criminal, whose goal is to stop the process of turning people into ruck.

ISAAC LEROY, young engineer and inventor, is intending to sell his creative energy in order to solve his financial problems, getting a big premium. The selling of creativity has become possible due to the invention of the brilliant professor JEREMY LINK, who has created a bio-computer which can put human ideas together. Einsteiner is not an artificial intellect, it’s a system whose productivity directly depends on the amount of people downloading their energy. The creator of this invention, the most important in the history, disappeared without a trace after submitting the downloading technology to the UN - an organization independent from states and corporations. “CREATIVITY” or “ORANGE ENERGY” (OE) is the planet’s new strategic resource. This is how they call the creative potential, gladly bought from people by COLLECTIVE MIND – the agency specially created by the UN. The compensation paid is very substantial. Having sold the creativity, the person loses all their imagination and fantasy, becoming a HAPPY – rich, content and plain. Thus more and more people, especially those with no money and good prospects at the moment, are willing to download their energy. The creativity hand-off gains popularity; people want to be happy and have all their problems solved at once. Einsteiner sums up all existing knowledge and developments, easily giving solutions for previously unsolvable tasks. Thus the diseases like cancer and AIDS are vanquished, dissolvable plastic and many more new materials are created. Ecological issues are left behind, crime is almost liquidated. The world has changed a great deal, having become much more perfect and trouble-free. Collective Mind makes fantastic profits selling the newest technologies and patents, easily recouping the money paid to its donors. Deeply in debt, Isaac decides to sell his orange energy in order to pay the surgery of his step-sister VICKY, his only loved one. He feels sad and desperate – he almost managed to record patent for his own invention which could bring him millions, but he didn’t have enough time to wait for the money. The plan to sell Isaac’s creativity is suddenly interrupted by ELVIS, a crazy fanatic, Collective Mind’s vociferous opponent. The man attacks the agency’s office while Isaac is there waiting for his turn for downloading. The young inventor gets arrested by mistake, as terrorist’s accomplice. In a prison cell Elvis palms off to Isaac his trophy – a piece of a computer unit with a memory card intact. Police lets Isaac go. Isaac retained his creativity but he is angry with the system. While he was in jail his sister fell into a coma and now he sees Collective Mind with different eyes, as his enemy. He sees many deficiencies in the way things are: the society has become pre-configured, individuality has disappeared with more and more people becoming obedient Happies, while talented inventors like him can’t stand competition with Einsteiner. The memory card which Isaac received from Elvis the terrorist appears to contain a database of people with high level of creativity. Isaac starts developing a plan. He wants to collect a group of fellow-thinkers and rebel against the system which sidetracks evolution. The goal is to find the inventor of Einsteiner, the vanished professor Link, no matter what it takes. After an unsuccessful attempt to involve a beautiful girl named MICHELLE BLANCHE, Isaac meets a biker BIKIE and a rich chemist WOLANSKI. Mischievous Bikie, after a short initial clash agrees to take an active part in the plan, while Wolanski rejects it, however, offering his villa as an accommodation and laboratory. The success inspires Isaac, though he is still sad and worried about his sister’s condition. The terrorist attack in Monaco attracts the attention of the head of the Orange Energy Police Department, COMMISSIONER PELLEGRINI. Fortunately, he is more interested in spending his mission time at a luxurious resort place rather than doing real investigation. After moving to Wolansky’s villa Isaac and Bikie start searching for the professor, analyzing a lot of data. During the first weeks of work with the computer they fail to find any leads and go to Amsterdam where they get into a dangerous scrape. The trip appears useless but serious-minded Isaac and cheerful Bikie strike up a real friendship. After their return from Amsterdam Bikie throws a remark that Isaac’s sister is an attractive girl, thus striking his companion home – Isaac got used to see her as a child, not more, but suddenly he realizes that she is a beautiful woman. Isaac feels ashamed of his new feelings. Soon another incidental encounter – with Michelle Blanche, the first candidate – makes Isaac feel he is in love, getting him totally confused. The sexy model, smart and attractive or the fair-haired delicate creature whom he believed to be no one but a sister just a little while ago? Isaac has feelings for both and both of them seem completely unattainable. Bewildered and confused, he tries to concentrate on search for the professor. After many hardships, with the help of genuine enthusiasm and non-trivial logic Isaac and Bikie finally find the professor’s possible whereabouts. The idea is given to them in England, after they visit the university where Link used to teach. Coming back from England friends unexpectedly find themselves at a fancy party organized by Wolansky with Michelle Blanche invited as a guest. This time Isaac manages to draw the beauty’s attention. A new trip follows, this time to Sardinia, where the thin thread of logical reasoning leads. Nobody knows what the result of this meeting will be. The guys prepare very seriously since they have no clue what the professor’s reaction to his possible disclosure might be. The professor is finally found! The brilliant professor turns out ready to correct all his mistakes, agreeing that his creation, besides obvious advantages, can bring dangerous consequences.


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