So Shim Sa Zen Center

So Shim Sa Zen Center
Denomination Seon, Korean Zen
Founder(s) Il-Cho Bobsanim

Dir. of Wellness: Ven. Mooh-Sang

Dir. of Outreach: Ven. Duhk-Song
Abbot(s) Ven. Myong-Ahn
Address 1112 North Ave
Plainfield, New Jersey
Country United States
Website .orgsoshimsa

So Shim Sa Zen Center ( New Jersey affiliated with the Taego Order of Korean Zen.[1]


Buddha Hall

The organization was founded in May 2009, and is currently a 501(c)3 non profit charitable organization.[2] Since 1975, when founder Ven. Il-Cho Bobsanim (일초 법사님) came to United States, his mission has been to develop a temple in order to foster the teachings of Buddhism. Today, three of Ven. Il-Cho’s disciples are the pillars that support So Shim Sa. Ven. Duhk-Song Sunim (덕성 스님)[3] has studied under Ven. Il-Cho for over three decades and serves as the director of the center's outreach program, 1000 Hands. Elected as Director of Wellness Programs, and with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Ven. Mooh-Sang Sunim (무상 스님)[3] coordinates education and wellness programs offered at So Shim Sa. A deciple of Ven. Il-Cho since 1997 and ordained as a Buddhist monk in 2003, Ven. Myong-Ahn Sunim (명안 스님)[3] serves as the appointed Abbot.[2]

So Shim Sa Buddhist Fellowship

Fellowship Chapters

So Shim Sa Buddhist Fellowship opened its first University Chapter on campus of Rutgers University.[4] Rutgers University recognized the fellowship as a campus chaplaincy.[5] Ven. Myong-Ahn serves as the Chapter President. All three of So Shim Sa's monks also sit on the Rutgers University's Religious Life Council.[6] So Shim Sa Buddhist Fellowship issued its first International Charter for the Brazil Chapter in 2011.[7]


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