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Kristofer Schipper

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Title: Kristofer Schipper  
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Subject: Bigu (avoiding grains), Bibliography of Christianity in China, Cunnilingus, Neidan, Taoism
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Kristofer Schipper

Kristofer Marinus Schipper (born 1934, Järnskog, Eda Municipality), is a Dutch sinologist. Schipper is also known as Rik Schipper, and is known in China as Professor Shi Zhouren 施舟人. Schipper grew up near Edam in The Netherlands. He is an emeritus professor of Oriental studies at Leiden University, appointed there in 1993. Schipper is also appointed at the Sorbonne, religious studies, in Paris and is head of the École pratique des hautes études. He also teaches at Fuzhou University and Zhangzhou College. After his retirement he and his wife Dr. Yuan Bingling moved to Fuzhou (Fujian) in China.


Schipper studied in Taoist Canon of the Ming Dynasty.

Library of the Western Belvedere

In 2001 Kristofer Schipper and his wife Dr. Yuan Bingling founded the first library in China specialised in western art, literature, and culture, in Fuzhou. It is called the "Library of the Western Belvedere" or "Xiguan cangshulou 西观藏书楼" (Fuzhou University Global Civilization Research Center and Library of the Western Belvedere.)

With his library they intend to make western literature more accessible to Chinese scientists. The collection consists, in 2007, of about 25000 titles on literature, art history, and philosophy in many languages, such as English, French, German, Dutch, and other western languages. In 2004 Schipper was awarded the Friendship Prize of the Chinese government for establishing this library.


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