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And Gulliver Returns Book VI : Our Psychological Motivations

By: Lemuel Gulliver XVI

...can think our way into our behavior. I would certainly like to believe her, but the evidence points to the fact that we are psychological, not logica... ...ave probably heard, that‘s why we psychologists study our field—to throw suspicion off ourselves. ―We are afraid we won‘t be seen as logica... ...n imaging is giving us pictures of how the brain will react. Imaging often shows us that the brain will react in ways quite different from the logica... ...te different from the logical rules that we think of as our unique human ability. The limbic system in the brain often takes priority over the logica... ... 11 ―Most of don‘t want to believe it but we are psychological—not logica... ...action. So in setting both long and short term goals many of us would profit by looking at all of the options and thinking seriously about the conseq...

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