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St Statesman

By: Plato

... regions of transcendental speculation back into the path of common sense. A logical or psy- chological phase takes the place of the doctrine of Ideas... ... ideal, in the de- lineation of which he is frequently interrupted by purely logical illustrations. The younger Socrates resembles his namesake in not... ...y the presence of Theodorus, the geometrician. There is political as well as logical insight in refusing to admit the division of mankind into Hellene... ...nd like rules might be extended to any art or science. But what would be the consequence? ‘The arts would utterly perish, and human life, which is bad... ... can tell?’ As in the Theaetetus, evil is supposed to continue,—here, as the consequence of a former state of the world, a sort of mephitic vapour exh... ...en it a single name. Whereas you would make a much better and more equal and logical classification of numbers, if you divided them into odd and even;... ...NG SOCRATES: Indeed I should. STRANGER: And there is a still more ridiculous consequence, that the king is found running about with the herd and in cl... ...hown in the previous argument. STRANGER: Thank you for reminding me; and the consequence is that any true form of government can only be supposed to b...

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