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Tokyo to Tijuana: Gabriele Departing America

By: Steven David Justin Sills

...more than just diving into sensual experiences when she could no longer stay logical without slipping into a philosophical void: it had been a sociolo... ...een in a closet crying was worse than insane for one who was so proud of her logical skills, and so believing that she could stare down the eyes of wi... ...ikely to beat up on their wives or open fire in a McDonald's Restaurant as a consequence. She even argued to herself that by her service she was a bi... ...nd yet her feelings were muted by logic. and Gabriele was, after all, a very logical person. She told herself that being here with illiterate, drug de... ...would not be her first choice; and yet she had it because it was the natural consequence of a military family. From her mother and then Peggy and her... ...ldish mind could concoct. It was mostly a feeling since he was not all that logical. He remembered that mesmerized and fixated look of yearning for ... ...n whatsoever. As an artist she believed that her mission was to thread a new logical relationship of old ideas or facts if not formulate new ideas the... ...some sense about such things and will probably live to be 120 years old as a consequence, God forbid! " She pulled out two cans of beer from a cooler... ...recipient which shows it to be the way the thing really is regardless of the consequences. A cat can pretend to be stealth and invisible, but does th...

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