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Proceedings of the First International Conference on Neutrosophy, Neutrosophic Logic, Neutrosophic Set, Neutrosophic Probability and Statistics

By: Florentin Smarandache

...allup 1-3 December 2001 (second printed edition) FLORENTIN SMARANDACHE editor PROCEEDINGS OF THE FIRST INTERNATIO... ...co Contributed papers were sent, by November 30, 2001, to the organizer: Florentin Smarandache, University of New Mexico, 200 College Road, Ga... ...ophic Logic, Neutrosophic Set, and Neutrosophic Probability and Statistics) Florentin Smarandache Department of Mathematics University of New Me... ...standing/interpretation which might overlap. 2.3 Definition of Neutrosophic Logical Connectives: The connectives (rules of inference, or operator... ...oblem to solve; here we present the easiest ones: One notes the neutrosophic logical values of the propositions A 1 and A 2 by NL(A 1 ) = ( T 1... ...T 1 , I 1 , F 1 ) and NL(A 2 ) = ( T 2 , I 2 , F 2 ). For all neutrosophic logical values below: if, after calculations, one obtains numbers < 0 ... ...nt events, then (3) A4: (countable additivity) If are disjoint events (4) 2.2 Consequences of axioms and bayesian inference From these axioms, all o... ... 2000 MSC: 03E99, 03-99, 03B99, 60A99, 62A01, 62-99. Introduction: As a consequence to [1], [3], [4-7] we display the below unusual extension... ... effect to each other. 5. Representing the <Neut-A> <Neut-A> comes as the consequence of the contradiction between <A> and <Anti-A>, therefore ...

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