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Paradoxism and Postmodernism in Florenitin Smarandache's Work

By: Ion Soare

...s to read “our daily paradoxes” Smarandache has not certainly referred to the logical, mathematical or linguistic meaning of the word/notion “parado... ...y creation plan. A sulking and introverted nature as that of Ion Barbu could, logically, straighten and aspire only towards a somehow utopian world;... ...erican playwright, without having claims to destroying myths, has unexpected consequences, as the result is almost a tragicomedy, in what the antiq... ... postmodernity- reality and term also large, having a historic and social, in consequence, first of all, a temporal motivation. This finding couldn’t... ...ncipation, of autonomy. Moreover, it is suggested the idea of a chronological consequence. G. Bajenaru in his study “The paradoxist post-modernism (... ...tions or emphasized through paradoxist means, replace the ample, rational and logical poems of the postmodernism. Only an attentive eye, a subtle mi... ...geous disputes for the latter. Thus, the new (post)industrial world supposes, logically, the performance (not only at an intentional level) as well a... ...eption, fore the romantic revolution”(p.8). The next reader’s question appears logically: what else will follow after the loop’s closing? If we admit...

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