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Progress in Physics : The Journal on Advanced Studies in Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Including Related Themes from Mathematics, Volume 2

By: Florentin Smarandache

... its geometrical analysis and identifcation of the invariants, as a direct consequence of its initial invalidated assum- ptions about ther-parameter, ... .../9906004). 21. Abrams L. S. The total space-time of a point charge and its consequences for black holes. Int. J. Theor. Phys., 1996, v. 35, 2661 (see ... ...of observable time around rotating bulky bodies like stars or planets. The consequences should be more pronounced in the interaction of the components... ... principle is valid for time density felds in atoms. Postulate III has two consequences: CONSEQUENCE I An atom undergoing excitation radiates the mome... ...effcient) for quantum numbers n 1, we obtain F N =(1+ )q cos 2 θ. (109) CONSEQUENCE II An atom undergoing relaxation absorbs the momentum fux of a ... ... resonance effect in a quadrupole mass-detector. However, it would be more logical way, making no as- sumptions or propositions, to solve the Synge-We...

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