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Modelling of Rationality...and Beyond the Physics

By: Gh. C. Dinulescu

...ical principles, any existential model presupposes its building through a logical construction* based on a non-contradictory assertional system*, as ... ...is hypothesis enables us, for example, to explain the phenomenon whereby a logical entity memorizes, paradoxically, more accurately the events from a... ...r than the length of the perpendicular from P to the primary limit. It is logical to designate the XY 9 segment of a maximum length (when P attai... ...ly explain the exceptional performances of some rational entities. It is logical to admit that famous rational entities such as Galileo Galilei, Leo... ...d reincarnation, can be the particular expression of a natural, inherent, logical and necessary process for the evolution of rationality within the ... ...itual reality, and that of permanet stochastic movement would be devoid of consequences, so that the MESER concept would have provided them randomly ... ...ity. The principles governing spiritual reality, far from being devoid of consequences, have the role of determining within the material reality, a ... ...ty is not increased. Nevertheless, the above mentioned scenario bears the consequence that the OX section of the XY area corresponding to the intell... ...the intellectual-affective activity is greater than the OY section – this consequence provides the possibility, for the entity in question, upon a ne...

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