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The Fundamental Assumptions Underlying the Modern Study of Psychopathology Examined.

By: Sam Vaknin

...fy and explain one's conduct or, more often, misconduct by resorting to ":rational, logical, socially- acceptable" explications and excuses. Rational... ...h fluid shifts in meanings permit the narcissistic personality to maintain apparent logical consistency while minimising evil or weakness and exagge... ...ing, feelings of omnipotence and omniscience and a belief in their immunity to the consequences of their actions. These elements and the child's fe... ... in the chronological sense. But it is also an adaptative strategy. The emotional consequences of rejection and abuse are too difficult to contemp... ...later on in life. Birth, according to this school of thought is of no psychological consequence to the newborn baby. It is immeasurably more importa... ...esence. The narcissist's thinking is magical and infantile. He feels immune to the consequences of his own actions. Yet, this very source of appare... ...associated with child abuse and its horrific, long-lasting, and often irreversible consequences. Incest is not such a clear-cut matter as it has be... ...ific method. The theory must be all-inclusive (anamnetic), consistent, falsifiable, logically compatible, monovalent, and parsimonious. Psychologica...

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