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Speculations and Physics

By: Sam Vaknin, Ph. D.

...ery measurement because such communication would have to be superluminal. The only logical conclusion is that all the information relevant to the d... ... the issue of infinity and finiteness. The number of points in a line served as the logical floodgate which led to the development of Set Theory by ... ...eld and the representations of the world in the language field (that is to say, the consequences of repression). All three are, therefore, Activatio... ...ster or a network when they materialize. They can, however, relate to each other a- logically (negation or contradiction) and still constitute a pa... ...ied by another structure at the exact, infinitesimal, moment of realization. The consequence: only one of two exogenous events, which share the s... ...l-inclusive and all- pervasive. Nothing is outside its orbit and everything that is logically and physically possible is within its purview. If some... ... outcomes of appropriately designed experiments. Their explanatory powers are of no consequence. Positivists ascribe meaning only to statements that... ... confidence in a scientific theory or not. Is the theory aesthetic (parsimonious), logical, does it provide a reasonable explanation and, thus, doe... ...ething which is known to the believer to be true) versus implicit one (in the known consequences of something whose truth cannot be known). Truly, w...

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