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The Natural State, In the Words of U.G. Krishnamurti

By: U.G. Krishnamurti, Edited by Peter Maverick

...ey always happened. I didn't play with it. Then it had certain unpleasant consequences and created suffering for some people. _______ [U.G. was t... ...ot capable of acting in any other way. I don't have to rationalize, think logically, nothing. That is the one and only action in that particular situ... ...it's a movement. You cannot contain it. You cannot express it. It's not a logically ascertained premise. It has to be your discovery. What good is my... ...ment. If that is not the instrument and there is no other instrument, the logical conclusion from that statement is, “Is there anything to understand... ... attempts and efforts on your part fail to fit what is being said into the logical framework, the rational framework, I have to say that you cannot i... ...don't know anything about it. But you have necessarily to fit me into the logical structure of your thought. Otherwise, the logical structure there,... ...to it. He knows that there is nothing you can do. Your actions and the consequences of those actions form one single event. It is the logical, cau...

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