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Theory of the Person

By: Antonio Mercurio

...ype of destruction that society has inflicted on women’s bodies. 9 The consequence has been that intrauterine life, for both women and men, is no... ...hate deadlock, and they were overcome by desperation, with its most direct consequence: suicide. In this situation, we see this problem acted out in... ...t in this life, on this earth. The important thing is that joy is a direct consequence of love and love implies a transformation. Isn’t it true that... ... ambivalent position towards their mothers, from birth onward. The possible consequences are either desperation, caused by a lack of faith that this ... ...at else are neurosis, psychosis, psychosomatic illness etc. except for the consequences we pay for having had to submit to the demands of the Psycho... ...e as a therapeutic process becomes like a regression, it breaks with every logical process. While you were talking, I was thinking about R. Laing’s ...

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