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Desert Dreams

By: Gracie C. Mckeever

... conspiratorial smile. "My lips are sealed." "I'm sure there's a perfectly logical explanation for it being here like this." "You think your friend an... ...know-it-all tone of a Five Percenter, just stated his case in that neutral-logical Mr. Spock baritone that drove her just as mad for its smoothness. "... ...l over Justice's eyes, the least she could do was play out the sham to its logical conclusion with the kids. As much as the idea disgusted her. "So, w... ... like she was a damn cat or a dog, some animal without the ability to make logical decisions for herself. Except he'd reversed the process and given h... ...d her on sight, Desert Dreams by Gracie C. McKeever 221 regardless of the consequences? Had he not promised himself thus more than a thousand times d... ...o inclined his head to indicate that Kane's departure was of no particular consequence—before she turned back to Kane to respond. "Of course it's okay... ...ne else had had other ideas, and what she wanted or did not want was of no consequence. Were that she had been as aware and complacent about these fac... ..., braced her palms against the desktop as he leaned in. "I believe what is logical from the information that is put in front of me." "And this informa...

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