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Preface to Androcles and the Lion: On the Prospects of Christianity

By: George Bernard Shaw

...al times, and that modern theologians, far from discrediting it, have very logically affirmed the miraculous conception not only of Jesus but of his m... ...o condemnation as an impostor among people whose good opinion was of great consequence to the movement started by his mission. But the deepest annoyan... ...d on the eating of his body (losing all his disciples except the twelve in consequence); says many apparently contradictory and nonsensical things to ... ...they are smitten with the degeneracy which seems to be the inevitable bio- logical penalty of complete parasitism, and corrupt culture and statecraft ... ...n of moral malingerers who can be made to behave themselves by the fear of consequences; but it is not worth while maintaining an abominable system of... ...ristianity is, and owes its enormous vogue to being, a premium on sin. Its consequences have had to be held in check by the worldlywise majority throu... ...nal charm of Jesus, and exists only for untrained minds. In the hands of a logical Frenchman like Calvin, push- ing it to its utmost conclusions, and ... ...y of thirty-five per cent, which is fairly conclu- sive. And, being a more logical people than we, they have officially abandoned Christianity and dec...

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