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The Unfettered Life of Kenyon of New Orleans

By: Steven David Justin Sills

...here she was bereft of thoughts and plans, which were, after all, of less consequence than the lightning bugs that swarmed now amongst the towering d... .... Sleep, even as nightmares, was not so dreadful as it had no lingering consequences; and perhaps this provided the distinction: that which was le... ... been needed in one respect or another. Thus, back then, she had been of consequence, loved rightly or perversely, but loved, and youthful rebellion... ...on due to the sorry state of the world, and that there was something more logical to her state of mind than crazed sentiment alone. Nature, which sho... ...when she might see him, if she were to even find the store at all, it was logically nonsensical that his appearance would be equally unfixed in the m... ... to prey on me at an elderly and more fragile juncture? If you were to be logical, instead of letting me affect you so viscerally, me ending my life...

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