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An Apostate: Nawin of Thais

By: Steven David Justin Sills

...s not right either." An internecine battle for a dominant perspective or a logical merger of the two variant types of ideas fought within him. How co... ...otional response of running after her, a sacrilege against the gods, and a logical response, a blaspheme against this positive mixing called love that... ...future not yet nascent. Then he told himself that although yesterday under logical scrutiny seemed the epitome of archaic and antiquated happenings an... ..., actions of hate, but these were not issues of morality but the loss of a logical restraint to instinctual passions of destruction for the sake of se... ...rdinances should come from within himself, this prowler's own creative and logical prowess. "Yes, definitely a loud thud; but it wasn't from the noise... ...contrary was true. Thus to him making love to a woman was more sordid as a consequence. In this morning encounter with a fantasy and a hand had he not... ...bout her own life in order; the one whom he listened to intently, and as a consequence was able to make her believe him to be the kind human that he w... ...he philanderer that he was--a void that had been a catalyst of the ensuing consequences. To have a child! Regardless of their education or the signifi... ...he would not check out at all. He had paid for three days, so it was of no consequence. Abandoning the key on the bed, he left through the fire exit t...

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