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The Coming of Messiah in Glory and Majesty

By: Juan Josafat Ben Ezra

...leness of hell, to construct an everlasting monument unto all creation, of the terrible consequence of sin; and in the enduring unchangeableness of t... ...rious earth, to construct an everlasting monument unto all creation of the most blessed consequences of faith and fealty to the Highest, through all ... ...ffirm, and yet in what they say they speak a sore rebuke to the orthodox church. Now in consequence of the far off and indefinite distance to which t... ...e bruised, that his power against men should be taken away by Christ, with all the evil consequences of sin and sorrow and death, which have thence ... ...lessedness it brings to the elect and militant church, that they should be advanced, in consequence of their partaking of Christ’s sufferings, into t... ... the Lord hath adopted this prophetic method in the revelation of his Word, and not the logical, or the dogmatical, or the predicative? I answer, t... ... closet, or some rhetorical performance proper to the platform or the stage, or some dry logical question proper to the schools. The effect of which ...

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