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G-Dimensional Theory & the Smarandache Quantum Paradoxes : Comparative Logic and Modern Quantum Theory

By: L. Stephen Young

... can be considered true physical paradoxes, G Dimensional Theory, a unique, logical and physically congruent system of physics, at significant varia... ...ason for this is that they are multi-disciplinary, having both physical and logical components. To consider these paradoxes, one needs be as much log... ...l prediction of events in physical systems. The recurring patterns indicate logical causality, i.e.: it is assumed there is a rational, causal, expla... ...onsiderations in a scientific value system ―the primary consideration being logical causality in predictive outcome of behavioral phenomena. Yet, reg... ...note however, that this is an apparent physical contradiction, as well as a logical one ―a characteristic absent from the general sorites paradox fo... ... definition of determinist: "..every event act or decision is the inevitable consequence of antecedents independent of the human will." [3] indicates... ...ve definition of 'determinist' as Every event in the subatomic world is the consequence of waves of probability collapsing into particles or waves ―...

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