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Hypotheses on Ulysses

By: Antonio Mercurio

...an also see how one way of thinking overwhelms the other and creates dire consequences. I do think, however, that when Ulysses is meditating on wh... ...help a woman free herself from her ties with her mother and not suffer the consequences. One must risk one’s life a thousand times and one must also... ...into consideration. A narcissistic wound of traumatic origin is often the consequence of a trauma to the fetal I, or the infant I being deprived of... ...into a second of the present, when that second is embraced with all of its consequences, good or bad that they might be. The present is always alte... ...If we extinguish desire, pain will disappear. For the Bible, pain is the consequence of the wrong committed in Eden and , even when the Messiah wi... ...e that what the other is thinking and feeling can be just as true. Is this logical? And so it is impossible to arrive at a solution to the conflict, ...

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