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Proceedings of the First International Conference on Neutrosophy, Neutrosophic Logic, Neutrosophic Set, Neutrosophic Probability and Statistics

By: Florentin Smarandache

...standing/interpretation which might overlap. 2.3 Definition of Neutrosophic Logical Connectives: The connectives (rules of inference, or operator... ...oblem to solve; here we present the easiest ones: One notes the neutrosophic logical values of the propositions A 1 and A 2 by NL(A 1 ) = ( T 1... ...T 1 , I 1 , F 1 ) and NL(A 2 ) = ( T 2 , I 2 , F 2 ). For all neutrosophic logical values below: if, after calculations, one obtains numbers < 0 ... ...cgi?c=connection&f=0&t=255. [27] Le, Charles T. Le, Software for neutrosophic logical operators, Networking by Industry, Inc. Online, http://www.in... ...nt events, then (3) A4: (countable additivity) If are disjoint events (4) 2.2 Consequences of axioms and bayesian inference From these axioms, all o... ...ery important to note that these rules apply only on irreductible propositions (logical atoms) . A proposition is said to be irreductible (or equivale... ... 2000 MSC: 03E99, 03-99, 03B99, 60A99, 62A01, 62-99. Introduction: As a consequence to [1], [3], [4-7] we display the below unusual extension... ... effect to each other. 5. Representing the <Neut-A> <Neut-A> comes as the consequence of the contradiction between <A> and <Anti-A>, therefore ... ...ny contexts as we can, in order to be less-incomplete and discuss some possible consequences. 1. Introduction Upset because none of the logics I knew ...

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