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Died and Moved In

By: Christine Jones

...th embarrassment. I thought, okay, calm yourself girl. Now speak clearly, logically and above all, don’t ramble on. “Ah, no, I’m not epileptic. Ah, f... ... exhausted yet my brain is still on a marathon. I find myself looking for logical explanations. Perhaps it’s a premonition of something to come. Na,... ...lieve me. Though this is to be expected, he hasn’t exactly come up with a logical explanation to convince himself any different. “I didn’t know you ... ...what’s on the line and wouldn’t dare fuck this up, especially knowing the consequence if he did. Ali doesn’t like what we’ve planed at all; however,... ... myself; this sucks and why in the hell does Michael have to be so bloody logical. For fuck sake, he’s been blabbing to his mate about Salem’s lot y...

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