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The Vatican Conspiracy

By: Jonathan Cross

...out the words not knowing where they came from, certainly not his formidable, logical mind. Michael Brand left, leaving the room in a p... ...ion, if any governmental agency chooses to file charges, I'll accept whatever consequences that comes with it." Alex turned back to the full audience... ...onger. Tonight, he would not mince words. Oshiro would have to understand the consequences of his decision. The table was set as elegantly as a gar... ...k for you, if you wish, but they must 219 J.Cross/Artemis understand the consequences of disobedience to the Oyabun, and the refusal of this mi... ... Alex?" she said trembling with emotion. This wasn't the time for Alex to be logical. He just held her in his arms. Alex said quietly to Walter, "... ...bed an Iraqi power plant. 274 J.Cross/Artemis But Soule’ was, however, a logical man, and to some degree he understood why they had done so. Hi... ...inch the Israelis too hard, they will react. And you may not be ready for the consequences." Soule' nodded his agreement. "You will have your rev... ...t that the Colombians are not even trying to get drugs into the country. As a consequence, the Russian gangs are letting up on the Puerto Ricans and ...

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