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Sextus Empiricus and Greek Scepticism

By: Mary Mills Patrick

...m the surname Empiricus would have been more appropriate, if it was given in consequence of prominence in the Empirical School. Sextus is known to th... ...ity to consist in subjective experience, but he does not follow this to its logical conclusion, and doubt the existence of anything outside of mind.... ...er of argument, by which the Sceptics arrived at the condition of doubt, in consequence of the equality of probabilities, and he calls the Tropes, th... ...stly be found in other authors of antiquity given in a similar way. [5] The logical result of the reasoning used to explain the first Trope, is that... ...not with equal understanding of the results to be deduced from it. [3] The consequence of the incompatibility of the mental representations produce... ...ted to Agrippa is a marked one, and shows the entrance into the school of a logical power before unknown in it. The latter are not a reduction of th... ...heories of Pyrrhonism, while the five are rather rules of thought leading to logical proof, and are dialectic in their character. We find this distin... ...points to an objective relativity, but with Agrippa to a general subjective logical principle. The originality of the Tropes of Agrippa does not lie... ...al assertion, Σεκεῖνλ νὐθ εἶλαη, [4] and proceeds to introduce the logical consequence of the denial of aetiology. The summing up of the Tropes of ...

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