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The Marketing of Ideas and Social Issues

By: Seymour Fine

...re, guess, hypothesis and (in elaborate cases) theory. 2. The idea is subjected to reasoning, defined as The process of developing … the implicatio... ...any idea with respect to any problem … As an idea is inferred from given facts, so reasoning sets out from an idea. 13 The state of the observe... ...ideas initially inferred are very tentative, wild conjectures, remote suggestions; reasoning is required to shape ideas into beliefs and conclusions... ...nd draws a conclusion by corroborating, or verifying the conjectured idea. The reasoning process is a two-way movement from partial, fragmentary ... ...discovery or inference of principles based on observed facts. The upward paths are deductive movements in search of verification of those principles... ...eference to the observations. A simple illustration of the process is seen in the reasoning of a pipe smoker who is contemplating the idea to cut o... ...sophers prefer inductive reasoning while physicists and mathematicians lean toward deductive methods. Medical practitioners use diagnosis and attor...

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