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Democracy and Education

By: John Dewey

...bits involved are not of a high grade. But there are habits of judging and reasoning as truly as of handling a tool, painting a picture, or conducting... ...e degree in which his preferences modify the stuff of his observations and reasonings. There is, however, no incompatibility between the fact that the... ...zed and the implications of the hypoth- esis developed—an operation called reasoning. Then the suggested solution—the idea or theory—has to be tested ... ...ration is more typical of the right way of knowledge than isolated logical reasonings. Experiment developed in the seventeenth and succeeding centurie... ...tory exercises, while a great improvement upon textbooks arranged upon the deductive plan, do not of themselves suffice to meet the need. While they a... ...d Latin composition comes first and English composition next; for abstract reasoning, mathematics stands almost alone; for concrete reason- ing, scien... ... instead of with the concrete; the scorn of particulars except as they are deductively brought under a universal; the disregard for the body; the depr... ...s called the substitution of inductive experimental methods of knowing for deductive. In some sense, men had always used an inductive method in deal- ...

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