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Chocolate for Anne Frank (English)

By: Machiel van der Stelt; translated by Machiel van der Stelt

Anne and the others living in the secret annex in Amsterdam, are betrayed and on the fourth of August nineteen forty four arrested. The members are sent to different concentration camps. Anne and her older sister Margot end up in the Bergen Belsen Camp. Anne is expecting terrible circumstances but when she gets involved with SS guard Adolfo, her situation might change from despair to hope. In this tragic and disturbing story you will discover that inhumane and murderous behaviour of people can reach extreme levels during war. Because of recurring wars we have to ask ourselves if humankind is ever capable of creating a peaceful and free society? Warning: this story is not recommended for children younger than twelve years old, because of confronting or graphic scenes and events....

Chocolate for Anne Frank Postface

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