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Degree in Philosophy. Manchester 1978
Truck Driver late '70s early '80s.
Transport clerk rising to management in UK and Middle East 1980-1986
Director Logistics Recruitment- 1986-2000
Meanwhile, Director of Japanese language publishing Co
Owner Logistics News International 1998 to 2006
Director and owner Care agency 2006-2009
Director and founder Country Holiday Lets agency 2010-2017
Director and owner Buttercross Property 2017-

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A Unified Theory of Society

By: Charles Cawley

A radical departure from Modern Western Philosophy. From first principles, in less than 100 pages. This is a new perspective on politics, society and humanity appealing to personal experience of us all. It overtly refuses to be caged by the traditions and rules of Linguistic Philosophy, Relativism and Post Modern methodology. The nature of consciousness develops on to the way we understand the World, how we use contradiction to understand movement and causation and ho...

From a footnote on page 14/15: '... we also notice a favourite device of modern philosophy, to hypothesise something which is not the case to show that something must be the case. This need not always lead to bad results unless the hypothesis is of something which COULD not be the case. Mr Wittgenstein is a classic example of one who abused this device- it is part of being human to have some perception, he makes humans subject to inhumanity in his investigations.'

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Corporate Power

By: Hon. Charles Cawley

Politics is about the trading of information, its relationship to authority and power. This simple observation covers business, commerce and the internal activity of all large organizations. The book provides an astonishing and practical method to, in effect, see round corners and know where real power lies, and how it is created as well as how it can be destroyed. It is, in effect, an adaption of a device used by Welchman at Bletchley Park

An unhealthy fixation on control at all costs can create a spiral leading to corporate collapse. Over many appointments, the overall level of expertise reduces. With lower expertise, so the new managers will require more leading. Being less competent, they will be more prone to hiding incompetence. The crawler will become an essential management tool. Thus, the first hurdle will become increasingly difficult to clear as the demands of control snowball.In the end, ma...

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