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Awesome Heritage : Interesting Chernobyl, Volume 3: Interesting Ch...

By: Mrs. Kirill Stepanets; Victoria Ugryumova

This book contains 100 fascinating and, at the same time, concise articles about the most important and interesting symbols of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone: from the Cher­nobyl Nuclear Power Plant and the city of Pripyat, to individual monuments of the bygone Soviet era, like soda machines, payphones, and other items that give an idea of the life of a typical successful 1980s Soviet town.

Pripyat Pripyat, the ninth so-called atomograd in the Soviet Union, was founded on February 4, 1970. This satellite town of Chernobyl (#3) provided housing for station staff, and had a population 50,000; the average age was 26 years.Thus, Pripyat could claim the title of “youngest” city in Ukraine. In addition, it was intended as a model for other cities with improved layout, infrastructure, and logistics. Perhaps that is why two albums were dedicated to Pripyat and pub...

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Awesome Heritage : Interesting Ukraine, Volume 1: Interesting Ukraine

By: Mrs. Victoria Ugryumova; Vladimir Nevzorov

This book contains 100 fascinating articles about the most vivid symbols of Ukraine – from official, such as the national emblem and flag, to folk, like borsch and horilka; the main Ukrainian cities, outstanding historical figures, the most popular dishes of the national cuisine, handicrafts, natural beauty, and achievements in science and technology.

Kyivan Rus’ Kyivan Rus’ is traditionally called the state of Eastern Slavs, which originated in Europe in the 9th century with its center in Kyiv (#51). However, the concept of Kyivan Rus’ came into use only in the 19th century, and contemporaries called it simply Rus’. The first mention of Kyivan Rus’ dates back to the 830s, when its ambassadors arrived in the Byzantine and Frankish empires. The state emerged on the famous trade route “from the Varangians to the Greek...

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Awesome Heritage : Interesting Kyiv, Volume 2: Interesting Kyiv

By: Mrs. Alexander Anisimov; Victoria Ugryumova

All you need to know about Kyiv is here in this one book. Exactly 120 features of the Ukrainian capital are described in detail – from the world famous Lavra and Sophia’s Cathedral to the ethnic and local such as “perepichka” (pie), “palatki” (tents) and “marshrut­ki” (minibuses). After all, it is such seemingly small things that form the complete picture of the city.

Kyi, Shchek, Khoriv, Lybid’ Who founded Kyiv and when? This question is ever-present in scholarly minds. Archaeological excavations show that settlements in the Kyiv region existed 15,000-25,000 years ago. Claudius Ptolemy wrote about the mysterious capital city of Sarmatia on the Dnieper, and another legend says that the emergence of a large city on the hilly banks of the Dnieper was predicted by Andrew the Apostle who traveled through Ukrainian lands in 55 AD. The tra...

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