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Randomness : Life Has Always Been Random: Life Has Always Been Random

By: Iris H.

Beautiful short writings that invoke spiritual creativity by pushing beyond the boundaries of common thoughts to understand life and relationships with others and within oneself.

“Life is shifting attention from one pool of knowledge to another.” “To communicate is to build memories. It is an attempt to build a connection through common knowledge.” “There will always be chaos in life. Everyone has the freedom to choose the best kind of chaos to be in. “ “Life seems to be a fight. However, the fight is actually a play of techniques. The aim of life is not to win but to beautify the techniques of living. “ “Be aware of imperfections and...

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Inner Conversations : Creative Writings about Life and Philosophy...

By: Iris H.

Remarkable ideas that encourages in depth imagination and exploration about life, society and philosophy through appreciation of self.

Author of Randomness and Randomness II (Book Authority - Top 5 Best Randomness Book 2020) inpires you to think differently about life, society and philosophy and appreciate life through random creative writings and poems. "An action is a commitment to something that you are responsible for. This action is a reflection of your limited capability in finding all possible ways of doing something." "Life has its own emotions that one's mind shall never understand." "...

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