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Mark Notzon previously wrote under the pseudonym of “Marcus Noon” when he published Six Legs and Short Tales: Insect Rhymes and Fables inspired by his garden work and the rhymes of La Fontaine. Published under his own name, Encounters with Isis: A Wayfarer’s Notes on Her Teachings, narrates transformations transpired during thirteen years abroad in West Africa and Indonesia.*

His first work of fiction, Roki and the Blue Glass Bead, was broadcast by the BBC World Service, in the Fall of 1992.

He now resides in the hometown of his birth in Michigan devoted to the study of esoteric spirituality, and giving the occasional lesson in Awareness Through Movement and Functional Integration, the somatic work developed by Moshe Feldenkrais.

His favorite quote is the motto of the Hanseatic League, translated from the Latin: It is not necessary to live; it is necessary to sail the seas

Readers may contact him at mnotz@mnotz.com.

*These other titles available in printed or digital format through Amazon.com

General Information:

Mark has been employed variously as social worker/counselor, technical writer, cataloger of rare books, and teacher.  He attended the University of Michigan and Indiana University, obtaining a doctorate from the latter in English Literature and Ancient Greek.He taught abroad under the auspices of the following: Peace Corps of the United States, the Fulbright Junior Lectureship Program, the Asian Development Bank, and China’s Foreign Expert Program.

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