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Project Gutenberg Consortia Center presents the following collections.

Alex-Wire Tap Collection
Air University Press Collection
Author's Community
Black Mask Collection
Classic Chinese Collection
DjVu Collection
Ebooks Libres & Gratuits Collection
Himalayan Academy
Literal Systems Collection
Logos Group Collection
Poetry Collection
Project Gutenberg Collection
Renascence Editions Collection
PSU's Electronic Classics Series
Swami Center Collection
Tony Kline Collection

About Project Gutenberg Consortia Center's Collections

The purpose of Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation is to encourage the voluntary creation and distribution of electronic books. Project Gutenberg Consortia Center's purpose is to house collection of collections of eBooks of other voluntary organization.

Project Gutenberg Consortia Center provide a similar framework for the collection of eBook collections as does Project Gutenberg for single eBooks, operating under the practices, and general guidelines of Project Gutenberg. The major additional function of Project Gutenberg Consortia Center is to manage the addition of large collections of eBooks from other eBook creation and collection centers around the world.

Project Gutenberg Consortia Center, promoting global literacy by multiplying intellectual properties though Internet library lending and increasing access to digital archives and repositories. Project Gutenberg Consortia Center is brought to you by The World Public Library Association brings the world's finest digitized books and documents to World Wide Web.

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