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The Alien Connection

By: Ms. Mrs. Winifred Franklin; Adinas Henry, Editor

As a young child of eight, I was taken aboard an alien spacecraft and shown scrolls, inside a pyramid, that have yet to be discovered. The Alien Connection has remained with me over the years, for I have had follow up visitations and have witnessed many sightings, since my encounter in my youth. This book will take you through my childhood in England, with my experience of being taken aboard a spaceship. Then continue on to the war years where my visions saved me fr...

“What do you mean people from other planets? There are none! You say they walk amongst us, that we descended from other planets long ago. That some could be scientists, others also in high positions, far more intelligent, more advanced in every way than us. What nonsense.” “How long have you known them? What! They show their way of life in dreams and talk to you sometimes. But only things of importance. Hmmm.” He moved restlessly in his chair, hoping her gaze at on...

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By: Ms. Mrs. Winifred Henry; Adinas Henry

Winifred starts her story off in the first person, to create a personable feel for the reader; she then changed her story to the third person as it reads like fiction with all the colorful characters evolving. The reader must remember that everything in this story is actual facts of what happened in Winifred’s life; hence the story is a historical document as well. It is delightful to read, heartfelt, funny and also at times will have you in tears so be ready with your tissue boxes.

The light and the dark shadows danced in grotesque shapes on the freshly painted green and cream walls, at times, reaching out, in mythical movements, towards the well baked off-white of the ceiling. A loud ticking alarm clock, from its place of importance on the mantle-piece, disturbed the silence of the room, acting like a hypnotist’s metronome on the man sleeping in the deep old fashioned arm chair. Singed hair tumbled boyishly about his once handsome face. The slight...

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Aint Et A Blummin Shame! : My life during the Blitz and 30's Depre...

By: Ms. Mrs. Winifred Jeanette Franklin; Adinas Henry, Editor

I grew up in the east end of London during the Great Depression. I witnessed many horrid crimes against humanity but also experienced the courage, dignity, and resilience of those who suffered and struggled all around me, including my own family. We were bombed for 57 nights during the blitz. We, the Cockney's, lived by a code of honor, do as you would be done by. We believed in a fair sense of justice and were victims of social inequality. There were two wars, one for t...

Many generations of East-Enders had passed down a true spirit and love of London; they fought and died for their country when called upon doing so. The docklands played a huge part in the lives of the Cockney’s for many years. I often have memories of myself and my sister when we would take lunch to our Dad, who by then worked at the Docks, every Saturday. There were a lot of Chinese coolies working on the ships. They would do a lot of the menial work; often wor...

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