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The Interlocking System of Arrogance : Nuclear Destruction for the Christian Way of Life: Nuclear Destruction for the Christian Way of Life - 2nd Edition

By Ferraro, Frank, P, Dr.

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Reproduction Date: 12/24/2020

Title: The Interlocking System of Arrogance : Nuclear Destruction for the Christian Way of Life: Nuclear Destruction for the Christian Way of Life - 2nd Edition  
Author: Ferraro, Frank, P, Dr.
Language: English
Subject: Non Fiction, Religion, How to rapidly destroy your spiritual life
Collections: Christianity, Authors Community
Publication Date:
Publisher: Dr. Frank P. Ferraro
Member Page: Dr. Frank P Ferraro


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P Ferraro, D. F. (2020). The Interlocking System of Arrogance : Nuclear Destruction for the Christian Way of Life. Retrieved from

Arrogance is deceitful, deceptive and underhanded and will trap within its interlocking system anyone who is naive or stupid enough to enter into its functions. Arrogance was the basis for the fall of Satan and Arrogance was the basis for the Sin of Ishah and also of Adam. Therefore, Arrogance was the beginning of the downfall of the fallen angels and also of mankind in the garden. Arrogance permeates LIFE on this earth in more ways than are imaginable and will take the believer in The Lord Jesus, The Christ and remove him temporarily and more often permanently from the Plan of God for his life. In addition, Arrogance prevents the unbeliever from even understanding let alone fulfilling his purpose in this life of making a proper DECISION for or against Christ

This is a categorical compilation of advanced bible doctrines related to arrogance and how to avoid this devastation to your spiritual life. It contains 75 "gates" of entry into arrogance which will very often combine to completely destroy the christian life.

The Interlocking System of Arrogance is the worst of all problems to catch up with the mature believer. This is a complex for distortion of the Plan and Purpose of God developed for the angelic conflict history stage of His Plan. Arrogance destroys capacity for life, capabilities in life, results in resentment of others, motivates self pity under pressure and self righteousness under prosperity, lives on flattery and causes the believer or unbeliever to only believe the LIE of the plan and policy of Satan. There are a myriad of ways to enter into the Interlocking System of Arrogance and Arrogance comes from ignorance not stupidity. To be wise in our own estimation is to be arrogant from our own ignorance. Unfortunately this is not the only source of Arrogance but one of many ways of entering into the Arrogance complex. Some often assume that people who demonstrate great self confidence are arrogant because they are incredibly stupid in their self righteous judging of others and are, in fact, the arrogant ones. Contrary to popular opinion, the biggest snobs and most arrogant people come from the ghettos and the scum of society and because they are ignorant and their Arrogance is caused by ignorance. Rejecting Bible Doctrine or any of the categories of absolute truth ultimately produces Black out of the Soul and Scar Tissue of the Soul from entrance into Reversionism and Arrogance simultaneously. These people, believers and unbelievers, become simultaneously involved in the apostasy of Reversionism and the degeneracy of the Interlocking System of Arrogance. This is the underlying reason believers and unbelievers both come to believe a system of lies. As a result of the oscillation between Self Righteousness and Self Pity a strong guilt complex develops and creates what we see in the bleeding heart liberal. (2Thes 2:11-12) Ignorance of Bible Doctrine, or any absolute truth, inevitably produces Arrogance and once one enters into the Interlocking System of Arrogance the result is degeneracy. The overriding theme in the scripture is that the believer, as a member of the Royal Family of God, MUST, at all costs and in all situations, AVOID IGNORANCE OF BIBLE DOCTRINE.

Table of Contents
Dedication 14 Preface 15 Introduction to the Interlocking System of Arrogance 18 Gate #1: - Angelic Arrogance 60 Gate #2: - Mental Attitude Arrogance or Pride 63 Gate #3: - Negative Volition Arrogance 111 Gate #4: - Impulsive Arrogance 139 Gate #5: - Institutional Arrogance 151 Gate #6: - Blind Arrogance 171 Gate #7: - Conspiratorial Arrogance 186 Gate #8: - Criminal Arrogance 197 Gate #9: - Crusader Arrogance 209 Gate #10: - Psychopathic Arrogance or Emotional Revolt of the Soul 218 Gate #11: - Sexual Arrogance 224 Gate #12 - Genetic Arrogance, Ancestor Pride or Posterity Pride 231 Gate #13 - Political Arrogance (The Jacobin Mentality) 236 Gate #14 - Client Nation or National Arrogance (Ex 7:10-11:end) 238 Gate #15 - Authority Arrogance or Satanic Syndrome 326 Gate #16 - Alcoholic and Hangover Arrogance 361 Gate #17 - Personality Arrogance 362 Gate #18 - Possession Arrogance 365 Gate #19 - Scale of Values Arrogance 366 Gate #20 - Arrogance of Ignorance 367 Gate #21 - Arrogance of Unhappiness 374 Gate #22 - Iconoclastic Arrogance 380 Gate #23 - Role Model Arrogance 388 Gate #24 - Disenchantment / Disillusionment Arrogance 390 Gate #25 - Arrogance of Morality 393 Gate #26 - The Arrogance of Emotion 401 Gate #27 - Antisemitism Arrogance 426 Gate #28 - Pseudo Generosity Arrogance 432 Gate #29 - Christian Service Arrogance 433 Gate #30 - Discouragement Arrogance 434 Gate #31 - Arrogance of Lust 435 Gate #32 - Pseudo Intellectual Arrogance 436 Gate #33 – Pseudo Love Arrogance 450 Gate #34 – Suicidal Arrogance 453 Gate #35 – Unrealistic Expectation Arrogance 454 Gate #36 – Legalistic Arrogance 456 Gate #37 – Evil Obsession Arrogance 458 Gate #38 – Arrogance of Bitterness 461 Gate #39 – Egocentric Arrogance 468 Gate #40 – Arrogance of Inflexibility 471 Gate #41 – Arrogance of Inordinate Grief 476 Gate #42 – Demand Syndrome Arrogance 481 Gate #43 – Power Lust Arrogance 482 Gate #44 – The Arrogance of the Public LIE 483 Gate #45 – Martyrdom Arrogance 487 Gate #46 – Arrogance Skills 488 Gate #47 – Misapplied Virtue Arrogance 522 Gate #48 – Public Opinion Arrogance 527 Gate #49 – Personal Opinion Arrogance 528 Gate #50 – Arrogance of Idolatry 533 Gate #51 – Rebound or Repentance Arrogance 553 Gate #52 – Arrogance of Self Righteousness 559 Gate #53 – Self Vindication Arrogance 593 Gate #54 – Self Pity Arrogance 594 Gate #55 – Arrogance of Ingratitude 595 Gate #56 – Retaliation and Revenge Arrogance 597 Gate #57 – Equality Arrogance 598 Gate #58 – Arrogance of Condemnation 603 Gate #59 – Sincerity and Desire Arrogance 608 Gate #60 – Arrogance of Hypersensitivity 609 Gate #61 – Arrogance of Religion 612 Gate #62 – Arrogance of Denominationalism 615 Gate #63 – Arrogance of Murder 617 Gate #64 – Arrogance of Approbation 618 Gate #65 – Arrogance of Regret 619 Gate #66 – Arrogance of Guilt 623 Gate #67 – Arrogance of Shame 631 Gate #68 – Arrogance of Inordinate Ambition and Competition 636 Gate #69 – Arrogance of Insecurity 638 Gate #70 – Dormant Faculty Arrogance 639 Gate #71 – Arrogance of Seduction 641 Gate #72 – Self Indulgent Arrogance 641 Gate #73 – Revolutionary Arrogance 642 Gate #74 – Prayer Arrogance 644 Gate #75 – Inversion Arrogance 645 Passages concerning Arrogance 653 The Reluctant Sparrow 719 Postulates of Divine Integrity 721 Glossary 726


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