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Spy on Spy

By Day, John

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Book Id: WPLBN0100000153
Format Type: PDF (eBook)
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Reproduction Date: 15/3/2017

Title: Spy on Spy  
Author: Day, John
Language: English
Subject: Fiction, Drama and Literature, Action spy thriller
Collection: Authors Community
Subcollection: Adventure
Publication Date:
Publisher: John Day
Member Page: John Day

The story starts mid-1943 when Karl Strom, electronics engineer turned spy, is asked by Hitler to invent a weapon that would win the war for Germany in conjunction with the development of the V-1. MI6 believe their assassination attempt on Strom succeeded, but he turns up in Alderney with a mysterious crate. A British spy called Raven reports back to MI5 about the activities of Strom and his 2 men and woman team he is training. Raven is seen, but remains at large, so Strom believes he and his team are now on a suicide mission. Whilst on Alderney, Strom falls in love with Helga, the Oberst’s girlfriend. They only wanted fun, but the day Strom leaves for England, the relationship takes a dramatic turn. The trip to England in an S-boat with the fragile secret devices turns out to be dangerous, but that is nothing compared with the terrifying journey to shore. Rough water has probably destroyed the devices, but there is no way of knowing for sure until deployed. Are the team risking their lives for nothing? Unknown to them, their trusted agent in England, known as Sundown, is blown to pieces when MI5 pounce. How will the team manage now? Who is posing as Sundown and intercepting their messages to Germany? Having reached London the team are betrayed to MI5, but by whom? How do they evade super smart MI5 agent Steve Davis? In the past, Strom always worked alone. Now he is at his wits end trying to protect his team, but still the worst happens and everything is failing around him. All he wants is to return to Alderney and run off to Brazil with Helga, but he will need a lot of money to do that. Has he gone mad, putting his team in great jeopardy? He pulls himself together, realising Helga would have nothing to do with a deserter, so he tests the first device. It works perfectly and the war is as good as won by Germany. What is the personal mission, a matter of revenge and family honour, Strom has to carry out, before he is done? The reader will now discover the true Karl Strom, and how he devises the perfect murder. It is by chance, that Strom discovers what happened to the woman on the team and faces a dilemma. Has she turned and become a British agent? If so he must kill her. Is she still loyal to Germany? If so, she will be a great asset. However, she had her own agenda, but now she is certain Germany will win the war, she desperately modifies her plans. Fate steps in and helps her. One of the men on the team, known to be on the run, makes contact with the woman. She manipulates the man to carry out a dangerous task, in the name of Germany, and to re-establish credibility with Strom. With awesome audacity, by manipulating the situation with Germany, Strom makes his final move to take his personal revenge. What else does the night bring? Who is Sundown? What rough justice is served up to the woman member of the team and her new lover? With his successful mission at an end, Strom returns to Alderney. Will Helga want him, or has she moved on? Does the Oberst know about their affair? Does Strom catch the Raven and settle the score at last? What small event changes the course of history?

The story starts in Peenemünde where a lone German spy called Strom, a brilliant engineer, is tasked by Hitler to devise a secret weapon. And he does just that. The remarkable thing is the device was not actually a weapon, but an advanced guidance system that could only be dreamed of with the state of technology during 1943. A technology we have taken for granted since the war and any radio amateur could make. The British spy called Rabbit, lurking at Peenemünde is forced to assassinate Strom. She is caught and interrogated, but to protect her family, she dies. Strom completes his device and heads for Alderney, the closest island to England to train 3 soldiers to maintain and plant the devices and direct the V-1 on target. Strom meets Helga, the Oberst’s girlfriend and they have fun. Neither intended it to be more than that, but that is love for you. Helga reveals her feelings on the day Strom and his motley team of 1 woman and 2 men leave on their suicide mission. There is a British spy on Alderney, called Raven, reporting everything via France, to the British MI5. The team take a perilous ride to England and get ashore, right under the British noses and escape to London. A super spy called Sundown assists them, even though he died a week previous. MI5 put a brilliant and ruthless agent on the case to track the 4 spies down. Strom has the jitters, and with good reason. He has been betrayed, but only realises this as he drives away from the safe house, with seconds to spare. He and his team split up for safety, and you now fully enter their lives as they deal with life as it comes their way. Strom is paranoid about the betrayal and desperate to keep his team alive. All the time, his feelings for Helga keep surfacing and he finally goes off the rails. He needs a lot of money so he can elope with Helga to Brazil and have the perfect life together. He persuades his team to help him do a double robbery and although he realises the 4 of them will be trapped within a police cordon, they do it anyway. They meet as planned, but one of the team is arrested by MI5, just as they drive up to collect their man. They rescue their man and leave 8 agents dead. MI5 pool all their resources into capturing the 4. The robbery still goes ahead. As they try to make a break for it, an air raid takes place and now they are dodging German bombs and swarms of police laying in wait for them. All this is happening during a blackout, just to make things interesting. After a desperate battle with a poorly prepared police force, they expected criminals, but faced vicious armed soldiers, they escaped. Although MI5 do not know the identity of the one remaining man and the woman, they do believe they are amongst a number of suspects and a honey trap is set up to catch the spies. By now, the reader will be in the heads and hearts of the 4 spies and emotion comes into play. Not just with the spies, but with the MI5 agents as well. The reader might well ask themselves what they would do if they had endured everything these characters had. Anyway, a strange set of happenings takes place. If the reader says, that could not happen. They need to read the newspapers and get out more. It did happen and still is happening. Strom is finally isolated from his team and on his own. He pulls himself together and does a test on a beacon and it works perfectly. England is in turmoil and heads are rolling in MI5, because they knew it was going to happen, but not where., So could do nothing to stop it Strom has just one more thing to do before he leaves for Alderney and to see if Helga will run away with him. He has a personal mission, to right a terrible wrong done to his autistic sister. At this point, the reader will discover his personal background and again, will say, that can’t be true. Again, from time to time revelations by government and the news media prove it did happen, many times. Cathy, Strom’s sister was employed 18 months previously by MI5 to solve puzzles for them and she was quite brilliant. She is also stunningly beautiful. She was raped by a man of huge influence and she was unable to say who had done it, for fear of being taken from her family. Remember she was autistic and this was not a known condition in 1943. She was considered to be strange, bordering on mad. She and Strom were always very close and having seen her reaction at a social gathering, realised who the rapist was. She then confirmed it, because the secret was known by Strom. The woman in the spy team has now married a man of huge influence and wealth. Strom rocks her world when his beacon works perfectly. She now realises Germany will win the war and she will be treated as a traitor along with her husband. She plans to change her dire situation. The other man in the team turns up on her doorstep and hopes to contact Strom through her, but she manipulates him to make her audacious plan work. She promises to reward the man with security and later, marriage, sealed with a kiss. Her husband is assassinated under the most unfathomable circumstances. Strom takes his revenge on the rapist in a way that is not only the perfect murder, but even if he claimed to be the murderer, no one would believe him. His plan was that good! Now the final part of the story. Strom goes back to Alderney to see Helga and also to trap the Raven. There are clues and hints throughout the book about this and many other things that happen. The alert reader will see them and like a detective, piece the bits together. In the closing paragraphs, the final clue is revealed again. Also, the ending will be one you never would expect. It is fair to say that the book has many endings as each character runs their course. I have done my best to enthral you, tease you, point you in the right direction and shock you.

Peenemünde Rabbit. Mid-day, June 2nd 1943 Karl Strom ambled away from the Peenemünde Army Research Centre, lost in deep thought. As he headed towards his regular lunchtime spot, a tranquil lake at Cammerer See, his stomach rumbled impatiently. He quickened his pace, eager to devour the sandwiches and lager he carried in the canvas bag slung over his shoulder. He did his best problem solving down at the lake shore; just as well, the brilliant team of scientists and technicians working under his direction had just thrown him another challenge. Karl and his team worked long and stressful hours in a large windowless room that served both as a laboratory and a small scale workshop. The air was heavily polluted by the fumes from portable furnaces used for melting glass and metal, mingled with the pervasive smell of machine oil of the instrument lathes and drills. Outside, it was another fine summer day. Karl knew that with the warm sun on his back and the gentle cool breeze blowing off the lake, he would be re-energised. The scent of wild flowers and the sound of birds chirping in the distance would calm him. Weeks ago, Adolph Hitler had tasked him personally with a secret project. In Karl’s opinion, it amounted to doing the impossible with next to nothing, reflecting the state of the country at this point in the war. Karl was chosen for his broad electronic and mechanical engineering background; a vital amalgam of skills that brought practical form and function to his creations. The man was obsessive, thriving on challenge and problem solving, and worked relentlessly until he had achieved his objective. Such a person was needed to drive a group of scientists and technicians to complete the task in the limited time available. Ultimately, their creation had to be deployed and used in the field. His remarkable ability as a spy was on record, he understood the difficulties faced by soldiers and spies, and this would ultimately shape the end result. To everyone's amazement, Karl conceived the perfect solution. In the laboratory the secret prototype now sparked and hummed into life. John Day 6 Its astounding simplicity caused many to question why no one had thought of it before. Perhaps they had, but technology at the time meant it was in the realms of day dreams, or magic even. Like so many ground breaking inventions, if you know the answer the solution is simple. The few Germans who were aware of this device, not even a weapon in its own right, believed Germany would now win the war, in months. Karl passed through the small village, on his way to his usual spot by the lake. Everyone was at lunch, apart from a young woman and Ernst Huber, the 22 year old Gestapo agent shadowing them both. Ernst knew the woman worked as a cleaner at the research centre. She had become part of the routine over the last week and he had reported her as seeming suspicious. Although instinctively aware of the woman behind him, Karl was no longer an active spy and did not need to worry about such things these days; that was Ernst’s job. The lad had taken a keen interest in spy craft and had often consulted Karl on the subject. It was because of such tips that Ernst seldom had the same appearance on two consecutive days. As Karl pointed out, most spies can spot the typical Gestapo agent from afar. If the agent is tailing someone, the spy need only follow the agent; they would all end up at the same destination, but the spy would remain undetected. *** Over the last fortnight, the attractive 30 year old woman following Karl had practiced and visualised what she was about to do. On the face of it, the task was simple and she was convinced, by what she had been told, that there was no appreciable risk to her. After all, she had responsibilities at home, a young daughter and a husband to take care of. Up until two weeks ago, she had delivered only sketches and hand drawn maps to a dead drop. Then, unexpectedly, she had been approached by a German speaking man as she walked alone to her garden gate. At that point everything changed for her. Spy on Spy 7 The secretive man arranged to meet her in the nearby woods on her day off, and it was then he told her what she had to do for him. It was not a request, of that there was no doubt. He could force her to do whatever he wished; she had been spying for the British and now there was no way out. The man explained about the crucial timings and why they were of such importance. He also showed her the place where it had to happen and why. She had no desire to see the result of the plan, only to make her escape and vanish. That was all she cared about. To perfect the plan required considerable practice on her part, and exercises to strengthen her arm muscles. *** Strom’s walking pace varied, depending on what occupied his mind. Today he was thoughtful and he walked slowly, which would challenge the accuracy of what she now had to do. There would be no witnesses. The young man keeping pace with her on the opposite side of the road would probably die along with Strom; a pity, but she would not be there to see it. As she approached the optimum position along the street, a wave of panic swept over her. This was real, there was no turning back. Her life, and the outcome of the war, were about to change. Ernst noticed the woman take something from her shopping bag and lob it underhand, high into the air. She instantly darted up an alley between buildings, and vanished. The heavy, fist sized metal object thudded onto the pavement, right next to Karl. The British hand grenade rolled past and smacked into the side of a projecting stone step, just ahead of him. With no form of cover from the blast, Karl was certain the next few seconds would be the rest of his life. He yelled out in panic, as he dived into the deep roadside gutter, seeking the illusion of protection in the hollow. Instinctively he turned his face from the grenade, protected his head with his arms and opened his mouth. A couple of nerve wracking seconds of his life passed like a slice of eternity, and the grenade blasted. John Day 8 The shockwave flipped Strom’s concussed and shrapnel torn body like a rag doll, out into the road. The stone step had directed much of the shrapnel away from him, towards Ernst. The blast left Ernst Huber totally stunned. He was oblivious to the spray of searing fragments peppering his face and body. Fearing the worst, he ran to help Karl. From shoulder to buttock on the blast side was blood-drenched, shredded and smoking clothing. Ernst could only stand and stare at the appalling mess, as residents appeared from their homes to see what had happened. Somebody ran for the doctor, who arrived minutes later and quickly checked for Karl’s pulse. It was strong but irregular; fortunately the victim was still breathing. Examining the wounds overwhelmed the poor village doctor, there were so many. He realised blood loss was the first problem to overcome, so he called for clean towels. To some extent, the searing hot fragments had cauterised many blood vessels and the clothes were acting as a crude bandage. The towels would only serve as a mask, to hide the gore. A military ambulance soon arrived, with soldiers and Gestapo agents questioning everyone. Karl and Ernst were rushed away in the ambulance, back to the medical centre. Ernst knew he was in big trouble and would become the centre of the investigation into what had happened. It was his responsibility to protect Strom. “Why hadn’t he?” they would ask.

Table of Contents
Contents Dear Reader, 1 Prologue. England 1943 3 Peenemünde Rabbit. Mid-day, June 2nd 1943 5 MI5 and Rabbit. 8th June 1943 17 Arrival in Alderney. 1st December 1943 19 Schwalm and Strom meet. 21 The encounter. 29 The first day. 2nd December 1943 32 A romantic evening. 38 Alderney Raven. 3rd December 1943 40 The challenge. 3rd December 1943 43 The training. 4th December 1943 55 Raven gets the message. 4th December 1943 65 Self-defence and spy craft. 5th December 1943 66 The Raven reports. 5th December 1943 69 Special delivery. 6th December 1943 70 Raven interruptus. 78 Andreas and Carina. 80 Raven goes underground. 81 An audacious plan. 7th December 1943 82 To catch a shadow. 85 A rock and a hard place. 88 Whitehall takes action. 8th December 1943 90 Gone in a flash. 9th December 1943 94 Otto returns. 14th December 1943 97 Goodbye. 16th December 1943 98 Regrets. 17th December 1943 102 S-125 causes concern. 104 The invention. 106 Breaking point. 109 Channel of hell! 112 Raven’s warning. 18th December 1943 114 Final journey. 18th December 1943 115 The net tightens. 18th December 1943 129 Safe house, London. 18th December 1943 132 The briefing. 19th December 1943 137 Davis gets lucky. 19th December 1943 139 Betrayal? 146 Scattered. 152 Code name Zebra. 155 Code name Ballerina. 157 Code name Arrow. 159 Code name Glass. 162 Change of plan. 20th December 1943 163 Compromised! 20th December 1943 165 MI5 make an arrest. 172 The robbery. Nearly midnight 20th December 1943 176 The aftermath. 21st December 1943 184 Message to Germany. Early morning 21st December 187 Sundown calls Germany. 21st December 1943 190 A busy day for Peter. 21st December 1943 193 Henryk has a date. 21st December 1943 195 Anna has a date. 21st December 1943 198 Peter’s despair. Evening 21st December 1943 201 Anna plays her hand. 21st December 1943 204 Manipulation. 207 An unexpected twist. 208 Henryk plays his hand. Late 21st December 1943 211 All consuming passion. 216 The morning after. 22nd December 1943 217 Peter gets a message. 22nd December 1943 218 Fate and Anna. 22nd December 1943 222 Fate and Henryk. 22nd December. 227 Caplin’s surprise. 22nd December 1943. 235 Anna’s surprise. Evening, 22nd December 237 Contingency plans. 22nd December 1943 239 Interrogation. 22nd December 1943 243 Anna’s reply. 23rd December 1943 250 Strike. 23rd December 1943 252 Captured! 23rd December 1943 254 MI5 in turmoil. Early morning. 23rd December 1943 267 The old couple. 23rd December 1943 268 Devastated. 271 Imposter? 23rd December 1943 272 The test beacon. Late afternoon 26th December 1943 278 London in shock. 27th December 1943 282 Anna reads the news. 27th December 1943 283 Peter tidies up. 27th December 1943 285 The homecoming. 28th December 1943 286 Peter has a shock. 28th December 1943 299 The wedding. 3rd January 1944 301 Henryk calls. 5th January 1944 308 Ambush. 5 o’clock that afternoon. 318 Message to Germany. 5th January 1944 321 A warning to others. 5th January 1944 324 The target. 10th January 1944 327 A cosy night in. 332 Tempus Fugit. 333 Henryk & Anna 340 Straddled. 341 Alderney. 20th January 1944 343 Hitler’s secret weapon found! 362


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