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By Roberts, Donald , Harry

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Reproduction Date: 1/1/2017

Title: Prey  
Author: Roberts, Donald , Harry
Volume: Volume 1
Language: English
Subject: Fiction, Adventure, Horror
Collections: Horror, Authors Community, Most Popular Books in China
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Publisher: Smashwords
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Where trust is involved...BEWARE

Lock your doors and windows and turn on all your lights.

“You don’t get it. Do you? That puny little muscle between your ears is too chucked full of standard procedure to even come close to an idea that does not fit into one of your concrete scenarios with solid, verifiable evidence. But it is true. Everything I have told you is true. The man was a monster…a wretched beast who needed killing. I saw what he did. I saw….damn… have to listen to me. He…it….needed killing and someone, someone like me had to do it because you fools had him dead to-rights. But what happened. You let him go because you didn’t have enough frikken evidence. How stupid can you people be. I delivered him to your door step and you cut him loose and the next day he was at it again. So…I got a gun….I went to his house….and I killed the beast. I did the job you bunch of lame, incompetent idiots couldn’t do. Now you bunch of brainless dick-heads are going to put me away for doing exactly what you should have done but didn’t have the guts to do. But I am not going to make it easy for you. I want a lawyer and I want a psych test to prove that what I told you before is true. I witnessed that beastly bastard killing those people…..He killed them, cooked them up like a side of beef and ate them. I witnessed him sitting at his dinner table devouring his victims…his prey. And when you let him go he went right back at it. That girl that’s gone missing. You’ll find some of her in his freezer carved into tasty roasts and steaks. But now the city is safe because I John Latimeer Fornsworthy put an end to him. One shot right between the eyes. I got him before someone else was picked out and led to the slaughter.” “Lucky for you Fornsworthy that you are a lousy shot. The bullet went wild and just creased the man’s temple. All we have on you is possession of a restricted weapon and attempted murder. But we are not laying charges because the man you shot pleaded for your life. He believes you are a sick man and in need of psychiatric help rather than prison time. He pulled a few strings and got a judge to order a psychiatric assessment. Play your cards right and keep telling your story the way you told us and you’ll get a free ride in Penetang until some expert says you are cured and sets you free. A couple or three years if you do the dance the way they want you to.” “Sergeant Craigent. You know he didn’t help me from the goodness of his heart. He needs to be rid of me because I can see him….I can see what he does. He wants me where he can get at me and…and….He wants to hunt me down like all his other victims.”


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