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CIS University Cup

The CIS University Cup

The CIS University Cup is awarded annually to the Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) men's ice hockey champions. The current champion is the Alberta Golden Bears.

The trophy was presented to the CIS, for presentation to a national champion starting with the 1962-63 season, by Queen's University and the Royal Military College of Canada. These two schools, located in Kingston, had been the participants in the first organized interuniversity hockey game, played in Kingston in 1885. The cup is meant to recognize the overall contribution made to the game of hockey by outstanding university players.

The Major W.J. (Danny) McLeod award recognizes the contribution made to the University Cup by the Most Valuable Player. Major W.J. (Danny) McLeod, Athletic Director at the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston directed the establishment of the Canadian Interuniversity Athletic Union [CIAU] in 1961. The CIAU changed its name to Canadian Interuniversity Sport in 2001.

With the completion of the 2014-2015 championship, 27 different teams have played in the national championship final (however Loyola College in 1974 to create Concordia University, so it could be described as 25 different teams). 17 different teams have won the national championship.

With the completion of the 2014-2015 championship, the Alberta Golden Bears have won the most national championships, 15 wins in 20 appearances, followed by the Toronto Varsity Blues, with 10 wins in 13 appearances. The University of New Brunswick have 5 championships in 13 appearances, while the Moncton Aigles Bleus and the UQTR Patriotes are next, with 4 national championship wins each.

The Toronto Varsity Blues hold the record of 5 consecutive championships, from 1969 through 1973.

Starting with the 2015 University Cup in Halifax, the CIS championship expanded from six to eight teams and moved from a pool-play format to a single-elimination competition, including quarter-finals, semifinals and final (with a bronze medal game). The eight teams will include the four regional association champions (Canada West, OUA West, OUA East, AUS), one host (StFX in 2015 / Saint Mary’s in 2016), one assigned berth to Canada West, one assigned berth to OUA, and one assigned berth to AUS. The new format will be re-evaluated after a two-year period.[1]


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Year Location Champion Score Runner Up
1963 Kingston McMaster Marlins 3-2 UBC Thunderbirds
1964 Kingston Alberta Golden Bears 9-1 Sir George Williams Georgians
1965 Winnipeg Manitoba Bisons 9-2 St. Dunstan's Saints
1966 Sudbury Toronto Varsity Blues 8-1 Alberta Golden Bears
1967 Calgary Toronto Varsity Blues 16-2 Laurentian Voyageurs
1968 Montreal Alberta Golden Bears 5-4 Loyola Warriors
1969 Edmonton Toronto Varsity Blues 4-2 Sir George Williams Georgians
1970 Charlottetown Toronto Varsity Blues 3-2 Saint Mary's Huskies
1971 Sudbury Toronto Varsity Blues 5-4 Saint Mary's Huskies
1972 Sherbrooke Toronto Varsity Blues 5-0 Saint Mary's Huskies
1973 Toronto Toronto Varsity Blues 3-2 Saint Mary's Huskies
1974 Toronto Waterloo Warriors 6-5 Sir George Williams Georgians
1975 Edmonton Alberta Golden Bears 5-2 Toronto Varsity Blues
1976 Toronto Toronto Varsity Blues 7-2 Guelph Gryphons
1977 Edmonton Toronto Varsity Blues 4-1 Alberta Golden Bears
1978 Moncton Alberta Golden Bears 6-5 Toronto Varsity Blues
1979 Montreal Alberta Golden Bears 5-1 Dalhousie Tigers
1980 Regina Alberta Golden Bears 7-3 Regina Cougars
1981 Calgary Moncton Aigles Bleus 4-2 Saskatchewan Huskies
1982 Moncton Moncton Aigles Bleus 3-2 Saskatchewan Huskies
1983 Moncton Saskatchewan Huskies 6-2 Concordia Stingers
1984 Trois-Rivières Toronto Varsity Blues 9-1 Concordia Stingers
1985 Toronto York Yeomen 3-2 Alberta Golden Bears
1986 Edmonton Alberta Golden Bears 5-2 UQTR Patriotes
1987 Edmonton UQTR Patriotes 6-3 Saskatchewan Huskies
1988 Toronto York Yeomen 5-3 Western Ontario Mustangs
1989 Toronto York Yeomen 5-2 Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks
1990 Toronto Moncton Aigles Bleus 2-1 Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks
1991 Toronto UQTR Patriotes 7-2 Alberta Golden Bears
1992 Toronto Alberta Golden Bears 5-2 Acadia Axemen
1993 Toronto Acadia Axemen 12-1 Toronto Varsity Blues
1994 Toronto Lethbridge Pronghorns 5-2 Guelph Gryphons
1995 Toronto Moncton Aigles Bleus 5-1 Guelph Gryphons
1996 Toronto Acadia Axemen 3-2 Waterloo Warriors
1997 Toronto Guelph Gryphons 4-3 UNB Varsity Reds
1998 Saskatoon UNB Varsity Reds 6-3 Acadia Axemen
1999 Saskatoon Alberta Golden Bears 6-2 Moncton Aigles Bleus
2000 Saskatoon Alberta Golden Bears 5-4 (2 OT) UNB Varsity Reds
2001 Kitchener-Waterloo UQTR Patriotes 5-4 St. Francis Xavier X-Men
2002 Kitchener-Waterloo Western Ontario Mustangs 4-3 UQTR Patriotes
2003 Fredericton UQTR Patriotes 3-0 St. Francis Xavier X-Men
2004 Fredericton St. Francis Xavier X-Men 3-2 (2 OT) UNB Varsity Reds
2005 Edmonton Alberta Golden Bears 4-3 (OT) Saskatchewan Huskies
2006 Edmonton Alberta Golden Bears 3-2 Lakehead Thunderwolves
2007 Moncton UNB Varsity Reds 3-2 (OT) Moncton Aigles Bleus
2008 Moncton Alberta Golden Bears 3-2 UNB Varsity Reds
2009 Thunder Bay UNB Varsity Reds 4-2 Western Ontario Mustangs
2010 Thunder Bay Saint Mary's Huskies 3-2 (OT) Alberta Golden Bears
2011 Fredericton UNB Varsity Reds 4-0 McGill Redmen
2012 Fredericton McGill Redmen 4–3 (OT) Western Ontario Mustangs
2013 Saskatoon UNB Varsity Reds 2-0 Saint Mary's Huskies
2014 Saskatoon Alberta Golden Bears 3-1 Saskatchewan Huskies
2015 Halifax Alberta Golden Bears 6-3 UNB Varsity Reds
2016 Halifax

University Cup Final appearances

This table ranks appearances in the final championship game.

Appearances Team Wins Losses Win %
20 Alberta Golden Bears 15 5 .750
13 Toronto Varsity Blues 10 3 .769
13 UNB Varsity Reds 5 5 .500
6 UQTR Patriotes 4 2 .666
6 Moncton Aigles Bleus 4 2 .666
6 Saint Mary's Huskies 1 5 .167
6 Saskatchewan Huskies 1 5 .167
4 Western Ontario Mustangs 1 3 .250
4 Guelph Gryphons 1 3 .250
4 Acadia Axemen 2 2 .500
3 York Yeomen 3 0 1.000
3 Sir George Williams Georgians 0 3 .000
2 Waterloo Warriors 1 1 .500
3 St. Francis Xavier X-Men 1 2 .333
2 Concordia Stingers 0 2 .000
2 McGill Redmen 1 1 .500
2 Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks 0 2 .000
1 UBC Thunderbirds 0 1 .000
1 McMaster Marauders 1 0 1.000
1 St. Dunstan's Saints 0 1 .000
1 Manitoba Bisons 1 0 1.000
1 Laurentian Voyageurs 0 1 .000
1 Loyola Warriors 0 1 .000
1 Dalhousie Tigers 0 1 .000
1 Regina Cougars 0 1 .000
1 Lethbridge Pronghorns 1 0 1.000
1 Lakehead Thunderwolves 0 1 .000
  • Note: Sir George Williams University merged with Loyola College in 1974 to create Concordia University. St. Dunstan's University merged with Prince of Wales College in 1969 to form the University of Prince Edward Island.


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  • CIS University Sport site
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