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The Varieties of Religious Experience

By: William James

...ophic significance? are two entirely different orders of question from the logical point of view; and, as a failure to recognize this fact distinctly ... ...th the same eye with which he looks on all other natural things, since the consequences of our affections flow from their nature with the same necessi... ...; but at any rate it has become profoundly uninstructive: we can deduce no consequences from it which help us to interpret religion’s meaning or value... ...n environment which re- fuses to bear them out for any length of time. The consequence of this discrepancy of the two criteria is the uncertainty whic... ...or them here, and hold their own against inferences which, in mere love of logical consistency, medical materialism ought to be only too glad to draw.... ...lternation, we see that it probably contains nothing whatever of a psycho- logically specific nature. There is religious fear, reli- gious love, relig... ...rd “religion” would be inconvenient, however defensible it might remain on logical grounds. There are trifling, sneering atti- tudes even toward the w... ...ess and impulse, it adds to life an enchantment which is not rationally or logically deducible from anything else. This enchantment, coming as a gift ... ...ic philosopher, Father Gratry, in his au- tobiographical recollections. In consequence of mental isolation and excessive study at the Polytechnic scho...

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